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best ccw pistol

​​Best Ccw Pistol Holster

When the shepherd boy, David, went down to the creek to retrieve ammunition for his fight against Goliath, he selected 5 smooth (aerodynamic) stones.  Not many people today know this, but the Scripture says that Goliath had either 3 or 4* brothers - and David was prepared to face all 5 of them that day.

Young David espoused so many of the attributes found within today's self-defense enthusiasts:
Preparedness - Loyalty - Bravery - Training - Strength - Skill - Faith - Trust - Willingness - Resolve - Commitment - Determination - and Purpose.
..... and he carried the right equipment with him as he was called upon to defend his family and country.

At 5 Stone, we are developing products to help prepare you..... for when you are called upon.  

Thank you for your interest.
- Mark Hogue

*Reference: 2nd Samuel 21.1  &   Chronicles 20