• Spring-Loaded panels snap open for instant and access to your pistol.


  • Injection molded in USA of glass-filled Noryl for durability and smooth operation.
  • Covered trigger.

A list of some of the sub-compact pistols that will fit the Pistol Mask 

  • Powerful earth magnets keep the panels securely closed until you need to act.


​​Additional Features of your Pistol Mask

  • Dual colors Mask its thickness by allowing the body side to blend into the most popular shirt colors worn for work, (blue, white, yellow, khaki, peach, etc.). 
  • ​​​Designed, engineered and built in Texas.  

  • Adjustable to fit many different sub-compacts (see list), using the included spacers to squeeze the soft pocket.

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  • The inside dimensions will fit any pistol with a thickness of 1.05” or less, and a height of 4.6” or less.  In addition, there is a cut-out in the back panel shaped to accommodate some wider pistols whose safety, slide release, disassembly lever or mag release button may otherwise add too much width.  
  • Its tiered design makes the Pistol Mask appear thinner than it really is.


CCW Holsters

(email us when you find one we've not yet identified):

Beretta Nano (9mm
Glock 43 with an extended mag (9mm)

Honor Defense Honor Guard sub-compact (9mm)
Kahr PM9 (9mm) - PM40 (40 cal) - PM45 (45 cal)
Kel Tec PF9 (9mm) - P11 (9mm)  
Kimber Solo (9mm
* Ruger LCP (380) - LC9 (9mm)
SCCY CPX-1 (9mm) - CPX-2 (9mm)
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield (9mm) (40 cal)
Sig Sauer P238 (380) - P938 (9mm) - P290 (9mm)
* Springfield XD-S w/ 'Mid-Mag' extension. (9mm) (40 cal) (45 cal)
Taurus Slim 709 (9mm)  - 740 (40 cal)
Walther PPS (9mm) (40 cal) - PPS-M2 (9mm) (40 cal)

* also with a Crimson Trace Laser

note: An extended mag cannot make the pistol taller than 4.65"



* Question:  Will my pistol fit in the Pistol Mask?

Answer:   The interior dimensions will accommodate a pistol with a width of up to 1.05" and a height of up to 4.60" (as measured from the top of the rear sight to the furthest point on the grip - check with your manufacturer to see the official height). On this page we have posted a list of pistols that we know to fit.  In addition, the thumb hole in the back panel is shaped so that some pistols measuring wider than 1.05" may also fit if the safety and slide lock fall within that open space in the back panel.  Please let us know when you identify one that we can add to the list.

* Question:  Will my 1911 fit?

Answer:     Probably not, because most 1911's are wider than 1.05" and the dovetail hand protector on the rear end sticks up too high in the Pistol Mask. However, the Sig P238 & P938 has a similar design- just smaller, and it fits nicely.  If you think your pistol should fit but want to be sure before you purchase, send us an email with the model of your gun and we will get you the answer.

* Question:  Is the Pistol Mask larger than a cell phone?

Answer:     No.  The visible part that covers the grip of your weapon is slightly smaller than an iPhone 6-Plus, (length plus width).   It has a stepped design to give the illusion of being too thin to be concealing a handgun- the front portion is about 3/4" -not much thicker than many of the cell phone cases on the market.  The back portion is recessed by about 1/4" all around to be not visible from some angles.

* Question:  Does anyone ever ask why my cell phone sits on top of my belt?

Answer:     No. It sits only about 2" higher than a cell phone on a belt clip. And rarely does anyone ever look at it.

* Question:  Has anyone ever called you out and asked what that is on your waist?- or suggested that it was not really a cell phone?

Answer:     No. Not once in the two years that I've been wearing the prototypes has anyone even suggested that it may be anything but a cell phone.

* Question:   Does it come in any other colors?

Answer:      The front is a charcoal color to match most cell phone cases. Subconsciously, it registers in peoples' minds as a cell phone. We have two models with a gray back panel to wear with lighter colored shirts- we also have two models with a black back panel to match darker colored shirts. 

* Question:  Why the blue "CHL" sticker?

Answer:     We include a reflective "CHL" sticker in Police Blue with each Pistol Mask.  It is your option to use it or not.  God forbid, you are involved in a shooting, the first cops on the scene are less likely to mistake you for the bad guy.

* Question:  What makes for the perfect concealed carry holster?

Answer:     There is no such thing.  The Pistol Mask is comfortable, convenient, quickly accessible (with one hand), totally concealed, attractive and affordable.  One of the main things we designed into it is the ability to access and draw your weapon from a sitting position- even while buckled into a seatbelt.  Try that when your pistol is in your pocket, on your ankle or stuffed down your pants.

* Question:   In which position do you wear it?

Answer:       About 2:30

* Question:     Will it accommodate a laser?

Answer:  It depends on which gun/laser combination.  The Ruger LCP, LC9 and the Springfield XDS fit with a Crimson Trace.

* Question:   Can I wear it with my shirttail out?

Answer:       There are better holsters for when you want to wear your shirttail out.  The Pistol Mask is designed for full, one-handed access while wearing your shirttail tucked.

* Question:   It doesn't look like you can adjust the cant on your pistol.  

Answer:       Very slight adjustments can be made to the cant and to the height of the grip by using different combinations of the included adjustment spacers.  But, concealment was our no. 1 design priority and we wanted to keep it small.

*Question: Can I use a extended mag with my Springfield XDS?

Answer:    Springfield (and other after-market) has different sizes of extended mags.  The internal space of the Pistol Mask allows for a weapon of 4.65" in height.  On the XDS .45, only the (6 rd) Mid-Mag X-Tension works.  

A Unique Concealed Carry Holster



  • Leave your Jacket at home

  • Tuck in your shirt

  • Holster looks like a Cell Phone

  • Instant Access to your Gun

  • Carry a .45 / .40 / 9mm / .380

  • Draw your gun while Sitting

  • Instant Access while Wearing a Seatbelt

  • One-Handed Draw

  • ​Fits dozens of Popular Pistols (See List)

  • US Patent no. 8,622,269
  • No belt clip is required due to the gripping soft pocket inside your waistband.
  • Smooth Draw
  • For your safety - a reflective notice can identify you as the "good guy” on the scene when the police arrive.

5 Stone Products, LLC © 2016

​​​​Uncompromising:  The Pistol Mask- a Patented IWB Pistol Holster designed for those who don't want to change the way they dress just to conceal their weapon.  If you prefer to carry a fully loaded 9mm, .40 caliber, or even a .45, but don't want to wear your shirttail hanging out or wear a jacket in the summer heat - the Pistol Mask is a great solution.  

Concealment: The Pistol Mask looks like you have a cell phone on your waist - complete with camera lens, speaker, volume buttons & power plug.  Its tiered design obscures a view of the back section and, along with the dual colors, helps camouflage the depth of the Pistol Mask, making it appear too thin to be holding a high powered weapon.  The charcoal outward color is a popular color for smart phone cases while the lighter gray of the back panel blends into light-to-medium shirt colors.  Only you know that your full-powered & fully loaded weapon is ready at the 2 o'clock position.

Quick Access:  When it's time to draw your weapon, a quick tug on the front panel overrides the magnetic closure and releases the spring-loaded panels to open flat against your body - presenting quick and snag-free access to your pistol.  

Secure Grip: The back panel (against your body) has a cutout that serves two purposes:

         1)  It allows your thumb to wrap around your pistol for a firm grip, and

         2)  It accommodates some pistols that may otherwise fit if their safety or slide lock were positioned differently.

One-Handed Draw: Leaves your leveraging arm free to create a buffer between you and the aggressor - Instead of tugging at your clothes or fishing your pistol out of your pants.  

Draw from a Sitting Position:  You'll have instant access to your weapon in your car, behind your desk or at a dinner table - without having to stand up or draw attention.  If you're sitting at a stoplight and a threat emerges, you can pop the panels and firmly grip your pistol without unbuckling your seat belt or even shifting your body position.  And if the threat diffuses, discreetly close the panels again with one hand.

Fits Dozens of big-bore Pistols: Using the enclosed spacers and screws, your Pistol Mask is adjustable to fit dozens of the most popular sub compact pistols in 9mm, .40 cal and .45 cal (& .380) (See the list below for pistols we've tested)